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Improvements in Gore

The gore in Grand Theft Auto V is pretty weak even by Rockstar Games standards. The gore could of been toned down due to the limitations of the last gen consoles or because using extreme gore could of lead to pissed off parents. I, like many people didn't like how the gore looked low res or boring so I decided to make a new mod that improves the gunshot wounds, cuts, splatter, and blood soak.


Other mods 

Last Gen GTA V and Max Payne 3 style shotgun wounds


Using the peddamage file from Xbox 360, shotgun bullet wounds are now spread out like before.

Unused Mission Complete Sound Mod

Now when you complete a mission you will get a different mission complete sound effect now. This includes the freaks and strangers missions with the exception with the rampages as those have their own mission passed sounds.


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